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The DSO agent turned to the side and saw Chris standing next to him with a hand on his shoulder. “You alright?” Redfield asked and the blonde solemnly turned his head away.

He was still gripping Ada’s cold, lifeless hand, hoping that the warmth would get the blood flowing again; wishing that her heart would start to beat life into her body once more. Everything was a blur the past few days.

All he could remember was pushing past the Redfield couple and dashing into the morgue to see her again.

Kennedy was in denial at first. The first time she seemingly died in his arms after the tyrant threw her against the console, she appeared in front of him six years later, alive and well. The second time was more than a year ago in Lanshiang where Simmons knocked her unconscious. He recalled the vice grip on his heart when he picked her up and shielded her from Derek’s thorns. He also could feel the relief spreading in his chest when she woke up soon after and made a quip.

Ada always came back. Maybe this time she was just asleep and dreaming. His hands went to touch her face which was icy and then he noticed those usually ruby red lips had lost its colour and had taken on a blue-ish hue. He kissed her frigid mouth, hoping for a fairy tale miracle to happen. True love’s kiss perhaps? The man just stared dumbfounded at his wife before reality hit him like a speeding train.

Leon couldn’t believe it. The first two times her life was in danger, the spy would eventually come back to him. Unfortunately for her, the third time was the charm. He sank to his knees, crying out her name repeatedly and allowing the tears to fall until Chris and Jill had to pull him away. They were the ones who helped him arrange the funeral when he was too distraught to do it. The blonde remembered just nodding blankly at the suggestions the couple gave him.


His name was repeated again and he was brought out of his daydream. The tone behind the voice was soft and feminine. “You have to let go now. The undertakers have to do their job.” Valentine pleaded and tugged on his elbow gently.

Her words only made him tighten his grip and the brunette frowned, “She will always be here. Ada would not want you to suffer like this.”

The government agent gave Jill a scathing look and Chris took over, “Please Leon. If you love Ada, please let her rest in peace.” He was right. The eulogy Leon spoke earlier praised all the traits of his wife, how she was beautiful and cold, but with a good heart that looked out for him and others. She would never say it but her actions spoke a thousand words.

Furthermore, Ada would never want to decompose and rot under the blazing sun. She would not forgive him if he did that. The weather had been good so far, if not for the heat. Leon could imagine everyone glaring daggers at him for making them spend time outside like this. He didn’t care for she looked even more beautiful and quite radiant in her red dress coat under the sun.

Reluctantly, he leaned down and kissed the knuckle closest to her wedding ring while whispering, “I will always love you, Ada.” The blonde then released his hold on her and he thought he could faintly hear an ‘I love you too, handsome’ in the wind. His blue eyes were searching the sky when a creak caught his attention. They had closed the lid.

Her gorgeous face was never to be seen again and for that one moment, Leon panicked, hoping to take one last look at her. His feet would not let him move though; they stood rooted to the spot. He could only watch the proceedings helplessly.

Leon wept again when the casket was lowered into the ground and dirt began to cover the plot. Jill and Chris stood alongside him out of fear that he would do something foolish but also to support the agent through his pain. The bulkier man knew what it was like when they announced that Jill was pronounced dead all those years ago. It was an agonizing experience that he never wanted to go through again.

“I swear to you Leon, I will bring those criminals to justice.” Valentine spoke earnestly and for the first time in a few minutes, Kennedy finally replied. “It won’t bring Ada back.”

Chris was almost growling. “Enough.” The older man gripped the blonde’s arm tight. “Antagonizing her won’t solve anything, Leon. Come with us, we have a guest room you can use. If it helps you take the edge off, we can spar in the backyard if you like.”

While the DSO agent appreciated the sentiment, he wanted to be alone right now and the man just shook his head, “I have to go home and take care of the cat.” It was true; Cobalt had been neglected the past few days and kept meowing for attention.

Jill looked up at her husband worriedly before glancing back at the blonde. “Call us if you need anything.” Leon nodded stiffly, “I will.” With that, he forced himself to tear away from Ada’s grave. Leon would be back tomorrow when the crowd had long dissipated.

It was as if he was moving on autopilot, all his actions had no thought to them and Leon was just so empty inside. A part of him had been ripped out, never to return.

Back home, the ginger cat was nestled on Ada’s side of the bed and it gave him a little chirp, as if the feline was asking where his mama went.  “She’s gone, Cobalt,” His voice was soft and shaky. “She won’t be coming back.” In the privacy of his own sanctuary, he cried his heart out, startling the kitty but the creature eventually went up to nuzzle his chin and cheek.

He could almost smile at the animal’s kind deed but grief still overwhelmed him. Leon would never have the courage to step into his wife’s walk-in wardrobe again. It would be filled with her scent and everything that she had owned. Ada even had a special section dedicated to all the outfits she wore whenever she met him. The jacket she wore in the Eastern Slav Republic still had a cut that remained un-mended. If the blonde laid eyes on those clothes, he did not know how he would react.

Cobalt meowed and licked away Leon’s tears, tickling him with its rough tongue. There was still one small spark of hope that would keep him going… for now. The abandoned kitten Ada adopted grew up into a fine tomcat, always providing them joy. It was his responsibility as a pet owner to look after the feline until it left this world.

Stroking the orange fur, he sank further into the pillow, blinking back tears that were threatening to spill out once more. Ada was his light in the darkness through the years. She gave him a sliver of hope to make it out of the city by saving him with the rocket launcher. He naively held a torch for her since then.  Knowing that she was alive, he silently counted the days that he could meet her again. It took them almost fifteen years but Leon was glad when she reciprocated his feelings, ending their long standing cat and mouse game. They finally had their happy ending.

But now the flame was snuffed out, never to be rekindled.

Cobalt fell asleep in his arms after a while and the blonde did not have the heart to move and wake the precious pet. With no other option, he decided to take a nap too. If his subconscious state would help him escape the pain of reality for a while, so be it.

Leon Scott Kennedy closed his eyes but secretly, he did not want to open them again. A world without his beloved Ada in it was a world he did not want to live in. All he could do now was wait… but this time, she would not be there to tease him with a smile.
I decided to write two different endings for my Casualty fic:…

Enjoy. Or cry.

Happy Ending is coming soon. ;)

I was torn between having Leon euthanize the cat and kill himself or he keeps on living through the pain. I chose the latter since he has lost many friends through the years and he still living his life. The pain of losing Ada is much worse, of course, but he will pull through it.
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BGShepard Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor Leon...  The pain of ultimately losing Ada... It's horrible to think about it.  Great job explaining his emotions.  SAD!  I need to read the Happy ending tomorrow!

BTW - The only grammars that caught my eye was the use of the word "will" in three separate instances (future tense).  It looks as if "would" would make everything flow better in past tense.
IcyAshford Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Noted. I've been re-reading the fic and something didn't feel right. Now I know, thanks!
NGv2 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
Very nice, deep stuff here! Macabre in the most fitting way. You really outlined the depth of Leon's anguish nicely. The cat was a nice, fitting touch.
IcyAshford Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
Thanks! I personally cried while writing this and I'm glad I got the emotions across. Poor cat will remain in the dark on what truly happened to Ada. =(

I also wrote an alternate ending where Ada survives over here:…
NGv2 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
I'll be sure to take a read through :)

If you don't mind my asking, do you find it difficult to get feedback on your fics? I only ask as a fellow author who is relatively new to DA. Just trying to get a feel for what's normal for comments 'round these parts :) 
IcyAshford Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
If it is fairly difficult unless you submit it to the RE or the specialized RE pairing groups (Eg. Aeon, Valenfield, etc.)

I also upload my stories on and tend to get a little more reviews there. dA is mostly for visual art and people seem to be a lazy to read. :P
NGv2 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
I figured as much. That's usually the case. Thanks for clearing that up for me :)

And yes indeed, there are some folks who will NOT read to save their lives! It's a shame- there's a lot of good fiction out there, if people would take the time to read.
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